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Happiness exists inside the pages of a book that has yet to be written.


Verbal Shysterism


Much of my waking work life is spent in meetings. Countless meetings, attended by a multitude of individuals whose name I never learned.  Much of the time, they’re simply easier to recognize by their species.  Humani idiotus.  This was the result of today’s meeting:

Hypocrites always make the best speakers, and today is no exception.  However, being one of the dullest speeches I’ve yet to be tortured with, perhaps he actually believes his tale to be the truth.

Much the worse for the rest of us.  A hypocrite, unbeknownst to himself.  I wonder…how much of this episodes populace have been suckered into seeking truth behind his drivel?

It’s nothing more than Homunculus Psychobabble.