I Want


I want something, that doesn’t exist.

A new creation, a different twist

wrung from within me.

I want something, that feels whole.

A Book of Life, control

of my soul.

I want something, I’ve never seen

Something peaceful, a finished dream

of happy endings.

Empty Days


I’ve been empty for the past few days.
 Do you know what I mean?  Full of feelings, but devoid of words, and unable to look the keyboard in the face, so I wouldn’t fake a phrase.

Sometimes, when you refill your glass, it remains empty. Maybe I need to get a new glass.


Imperfect Puzzle


Interlocking pieces of

Thought and Memory

That fall in together

To create a picture

Of a past

That never was.


The pieces always seem

To fit together so perfectly

Until viewed and placed

By anothers’ hand.

And then thought and memory

Fall apart by their

Insight of truth.


Puzzle pieces

That never truly fit together,

Only joined by force

To create Life

As we wish it to be,

The perfect picture

We will never put together.